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When the simplest of tasks become an overbearing challenge, how to keep going and pay your bills on time and accomplish other adult responsibilities. Notice if you’re having a better day; get your bills paid or go to the grocery store on that day.  Spread out tasks or chores that need to get done by a certain deadline, so it’s not overwhelming right before it has to get done.

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There are other ways to make some tasks simpler, like using Peapod through Giant. I used this during my struggle.  The delivery or pickup for groceries saves a lot of time and energy that would have been spent walking around the store and waiting in line.  Obviously this shouldn’t be used as an avoidance strategy, but can be time efficient and save energy you can use for your recovery. The produce was something I was worried about—but the quality was almost better than what they stock in the store. We still drove to Giant to pickup the groceries, but they were quickly loaded into our car.  There are options to have groceries delivered to your home, and I believe there’s another option where they help put items away for you. This may be a helpful resource to keep healthy food stocked in your home, instead of ordering in or getting fast-food too often.  With all the other chaos going on in life, this was one resource that helped my husband and me.

When it comes to paying bills when #thestruggleisreal…  Be sure to stay on top of your bills even during this time. Try to avoid creating unnecessary financial problems that might add stress or anxiety later.  I personally have online payment methods for all of my bills.   And they are all bookmarked on my computer in one folder for easy access. While this is something convenient that maybe everyone does these days—it’s a great idea to make things as easy as possible during a difficult time (or just everyday).  You can also setup reminders on your phone or through your email for paying your bills before the due date.  I setup automatic payments for almost all of my bills since my bank offers this feature. If you’re married, hopefully your spouse or trusted family member could help with bills during this time if you’re having trouble getting it done. My husband helped a lot during my struggle.  Your family could help you setup the bookmarks or automatic payments so everything will be set and automatic the next month!

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If you have a house, maybe throw money at the problem and pay someone to mow your lawn. You could pay for house cleaning services if you are struggling to keep up with household chores during recovery.  Maybe have your family members or a neighbor walk your dog if you aren’t able to.  I don’t have kids, but I’m sure figuring out care options during this time would be an extremely important priority.  Hopefully friends, family, and neighbors could help coordinate during your recovery.

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Keep your gas tank pretty full!  This sounds really silly, but I’ve always had a bad habit of letting my tank get pretty low before filling my tank.  Before I had anxiety, this bad habit never really bothered me–and I’ve never been stranded…yet!  But I’ve noticed during some of my anxiety spikes, that my gas tank was getting rather low.  I’m not sure if it’s a causative factor, but just in case–now I’m careful to fill my gas tank once it gets below the half way mark.  You never know about traffic on 495 (since I live in the DC area)–it’s enough to give anyone a panic attack. 😉  If you notice small possible triggers like that, especially if it’s an easy fix–keep on top of it!  Easy changes for small triggers can help keep you more relaxed and prevent anxiety from building up.

What are some #adulting responsibilities you’ve found difficult with anxiety?  What was your strategy to conquer it?

#thestruggleisreal  (but not for long)


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