Go on Strike from Anxiety

Anxiety Picket sign

Symptoms can be so frustrating.  Use that anger or frustration as fuel to motivate you forward in your recovery process.  Accept your situation, but have some fun in coming up with a slogan for your picket sign!  You could keep a picture of your picket sign or mantra in your wallet to have in case of a panic attack.  You can make it a fun crafty project if you like.  Make it bright and incorporate any details that make it helpful to you.

Anxiety Picket sign 2

It sounds a little aggressive on a picket sign, but the idea of “kicking anxiety’s ass” is a slogan that has been helpful to me!  Looks like I’d have a picket sign in each hand.  Anxiety doesn’t stand a chance…

What would your picket sign say if you went on strike from your anxiety?

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