The Fire of Life

Something that initially seems devastating ends up being what changes us for the better and makes us stronger in a way nothing else could have.  A difficult experience can ultimately be seen in a positive light.

sequoias picture 2

The sequoia tree’s seed needs fire to start growing/germinate. Something that seems negative, is crucial for their opportunity for growth and is necessary for their successful life.  Yosemite Sequoia Story

I have never personally been to Yosemite, but I’d love to go.  It would be amazing to see these gigantic trees in real life!  They have such a unique life cycle that I thought could be similar to what some of us have experienced.  You may think it’s an end, but it’s the beginning of something great.  Fire is usually associated with being devastating to a forest, but in this case–it’s the only way for these trees to prosper.

We can be like the sequoia seed! 🙂

Push your limits

Like Salt-N-Pepa’s song: Push it, push it real good! Push yourself. It makes me think of a time when my husband and I were at the pool and the lifeguard said in a fabulously heavy accent “no pushing,” which sounded like “no pooooshing.”lifeguard  For recovery, pushing yourself is important—don’t listen to the lifeguard. You can get advice from the best and most expensive doctors in the world, but if you don’t push yourself (and apply and practice what you’ve learned), the process will be longer and inefficient.

You have to push yourself through your struggle. It’s the only option available, and IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT. Continue reading “Push your limits”