The Fire of Life

Something that initially seems devastating ends up being what changes us for the better and makes us stronger in a way nothing else could have.  A difficult experience can ultimately be seen in a positive light.

sequoias picture 2

The sequoia tree’s seed needs fire to start growing/germinate. Something that seems negative, is crucial for their opportunity for growth and is necessary for their successful life.  Yosemite Sequoia Story

I have never personally been to Yosemite, but I’d love to go.  It would be amazing to see these gigantic trees in real life!  They have such a unique life cycle that I thought could be similar to what some of us have experienced.  You may think it’s an end, but it’s the beginning of something great.  Fire is usually associated with being devastating to a forest, but in this case–it’s the only way for these trees to prosper.

We can be like the sequoia seed! 🙂

Push your limits

Like Salt-N-Pepa’s song: Push it, push it real good! Push yourself. It makes me think of a time when my husband and I were at the pool and the lifeguard said in a fabulously heavy accent “no pushing,” which sounded like “no pooooshing.”lifeguard  For recovery, pushing yourself is important—don’t listen to the lifeguard. You can get advice from the best and most expensive doctors in the world, but if you don’t push yourself (and apply and practice what you’ve learned), the process will be longer and inefficient.

You have to push yourself through your struggle. It’s the only option available, and IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT. Continue reading “Push your limits”

#Adulting and Anxiety…

When the simplest of tasks become an overbearing challenge, how to keep going and pay your bills on time and accomplish other adult responsibilities. Notice if you’re having a better day; get your bills paid or go to the grocery store on that day.  Spread out tasks or chores that need to get done by a certain deadline, so it’s not overwhelming right before it has to get done.

adulting puppy

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Go on Strike from Anxiety

Anxiety Picket sign

Symptoms can be so frustrating.  Use that anger or frustration as fuel to motivate you forward in your recovery process.  Accept your situation, but have some fun in coming up with a slogan for your picket sign!  You could keep a picture of your picket sign or mantra in your wallet to have in case of a panic attack.  You can make it a fun crafty project if you like.  Make it bright and incorporate any details that make it helpful to you.

Anxiety Picket sign 2

It sounds a little aggressive on a picket sign, but the idea of “kicking anxiety’s ass” is a slogan that has been helpful to me!  Looks like I’d have a picket sign in each hand.  Anxiety doesn’t stand a chance…

What would your picket sign say if you went on strike from your anxiety?

Resources (to kick anxiety’s ass!)

I’m sharing my experience with Panic Disorder/PTSD, some of the resources I’ve found, and what I learned during my recovery process in hopes to help anyone struggling with something similar. You are not alone. Anxiety is extremely common and you can tackle it. You will get your life back. You won’t take anything for granted and you’ll be stronger than ever. Your future is bright—kick anxiety’s ass!!

Since my first panic attack while I was driving in September of 2013, followed by an ambulance ride to the ER, it’s been quite a journey. It has been tough, and at times I thought impossible, but I’m really proud of where I am today. My husband, family and friends have been extremely supportive during this process. While I’d be happy to share more details of my story later, I wanted to share resources I’ve found along the way that have impacted my recovery in a positive way.

My Blog Name, Positively Anxious, is to remind you that you can turn debilitating anxiety into a positive opportunity for personal growth. It doesn’t have to be in charge of your life forever, and it won’t be. Keep your chin up, you can do it! Your current situation is just a speed bump on your road of life. Don’t give up hope that things will get better, and you’ll be a better and stronger person for it. As my Dad says, “Deal with the cards you’re dealt.” It’s not always easy, but it’ll be worth it!

My sister made a comment during my recovery that has stuck with me. I told her, “Yea I’m getting there, but still I’m still not feeling 100%.” And she responded, “no one is ever 100%.” This is so true! We always have something to improve or work on in life.

I hope you find some of these tools as helpful as I did and still currently do!

My Mom got me the cute American Greeting’s card above about the speed-bump scenario! 😉  It says “On the highway of life, there are bound to be some bumps on the road…” and the inside reads: “…along with crater-sized potholes, backed-up construction traffic, and that one jerk who always cuts you off. (But anyway, you’ll get through it.)”

Recovery Ideas and Helpful distractions;

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